Due to the fact that my class right now is really focused on typography, advertising, layout, image and text, etc. since we are all going to be creating artists books or brochures for our final, I saw this project by  Romania-based artist Stefan Asafti. It’s titled Brandversations, an interesting project combining different brands together through image and text. It’s juxtaposing competing brands and somehow combining them together through their text and logos. It’s about the visual conversation between the company logos and how they compete with one another yet influence one another as well. The parallel of the combination of modern with the old is consistent with each individual piece, influenced by the 40s and 50s. 


I think his work is extremely successful and is visually pleasing. I think that overall this project is a great idea. What are your thoughts?





Here’s some interesting images by David Maisel for a bit of Sunday evening inspiration.


Personally, I love to paint. I know that there are others like me out there who just love to get their hands dirty in art supplies. I haven’t had much experience particularly with watercolor. However, there are artists out there who inspire me to learn more about water color painting and do more with that medium. Lora Zombie is one of those artists who inspire me. She has a great sense of humor within her peaces as well as amazing talent, layout, design, and concept. Not only is her art amazing, she’s a beautiful blue haired female. How many people do you know who can look as amazing as their artwork with bright blue hair.

Here’s the link for her webpage, which is equally as impressive and interactive. 



















I love this collection by Eleanor Amoroso. It’s titled AW12. This collection is based off Eleanor’s inspiration of ancient rope knotting. This technique is known as Macrame. She creates shapes inside the clothing based on the knots she uses. Details in the collection consists of copper piping and chain woven into the pieces. Eleanor also created accessories for this collection also with the macrame technique. Her main body of work is in the black color palate with subtle hints of nude or cream. She is one talented designer, and I look forward to see what other creations she brings into the world.

I love an artistic aspect to things in everyday life, such as display windows, packaging, posters, CD covers, etc. I think that’s why these food packaging labels caught my eye. I really enjoy the colors vs black and white, sense of realistic elements like the food and waiter’s hand, and the overall layout and design of the soup container. Honestly, I think I would give more attention to this packaging and actually contemplate buying this soup vs another soup just simply because I like the layout and design. I also like the sense of humor with the oversized food in small dishes served by the “classic” waiter. Clearly, the company and designer(s) are doing something right.

What are your thoughts?


Cigarettes. That’s right.

There is a logo and color ban on cigarettes that the Australian highest court mandated as a new Government law. This has been in effect since December. The reasoning, 3 million people smoke in Australia and 15,000 people die annually. There is more information on the BBC Website. 

What’s your thought?


Here is something I found incredibly creative, unique, and something I haven’t seen done before. Taaldoktoren created their own type of brochure and contact information sheet that stand out in a crowd. First off, Taaldoktoren (language doctors) is a translation company. They are “there to make your text better.”  They offer services such as editing and translations. Their punchline is textual healing. This Dutch/English translation website is designed in a way lets English and Dutch exist side to side easily. That’s what the company stands for, to “remove the stitches.”

Their business/contact cards….in capsules to help enhance how they are the doctors of language.