Recently, I went with my family to my Grandfather’s house to go through my Grandmother’s things that he wanted to get rid of but didn’t have time to since her death a year ago. There was just so much stuff, history, and memories. While looking through the mountain of things, there were a few boxes full of old vintage photographs. I was thrilled and so intrigued to figure out who these people are, how they connect to our family, what did these people do, what are the secrets or information that we weren’t told, and how long ago my family dates back. Some of my family members didn’t really want to go through all the photos and figure out who these people were. My great-grandmother left all these notes with the photographs, an aid from beyond. It’s a time warp. So my project whenever I get the time to do this, I (and my mother) are going to go through all the photographs and organize them. Then, we’re going to digitally save them and give them to the family. I am more than just excited to do this. I guess it’d just be nice to learn about my family, especially because my grandmother wasn’t very close. I’d love to go through my dad’s side eventually too, but I’m not sure if there is much information or photographs left behind. This is at least a start…and an exciting journey.


Here is a few photographs that I found (not of my family, that may happen later) just as inspiration. I love old photographs, and am really inspired by them. What about you all?