Hey everyone! 

I have been so  busy and haven’t been inspired enough to really write anything. I have been thinking about what I should write, what to share, what would be interesting for everyone to read, etc. Then I realized, this can be my own personal blog. I created it for school initially. Now, I might as well write and use this for myself too, my favorite things, what I am thinking/doing, showing my art, etc.  This is what made me so excited and actually wanting to use wordpress again. When I had to do it for classes, the joy and passion was taken away from it. It became a chore. That’s not what art and sharing is about. 

With that, I am starting fresh and sharing things I find unique, interesting, what I love, how I feel, what’s going on in my life, my own artwork and projects, and whatever else I feel like sharing. So here begins my new, fresh blog after months of not using my blog.


This is Rose Shock, an amateur make-up artist who lives in Finland. Personally, I think she is wonderful. I love all the eccentric, bold, and beautiful make-up works she does. Rose Shock is super sweet, very passionate about her art form, and just seems like an awesome person. She gives me a lot of inspiration, ideas for my paintings/drawings and own art. You should check out her blog and Facebook!!



What do you guys think? 





P.s. This is only a few of her pictures/makeup works. Check out her others! They’re amazing!!!!



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